A running report from the OSC Winter VPs (and Summer VPs, in season.)

Road conditions – good advice – bad jokes – whatever we want you to know about.

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  • Please take this survey before mid December – as soon as you can please!

    November 10, 2023



    Copy and paste if you need to.

  • Please take this Survey!

    November 10, 2023

    Happy Autumn OSCers!

    I am excited to start thinking about the winter season and I see that the Winter (Christmas) holidays are soon approaching. Maybe we’ll even get a great chance to ski in November as well. Thanksgiving weekend can be a fun time to be at the Lodge!

    I write hoping that you take a look at the calendar now, especially if you have kids who will be on a 2 week winter break. This year the weeks kids are out of school appear to span 3 weeks:

    • December 18 -22
    • December 25 – 29 (I think all schools have this week off and many ski passes are restricted), and
    • January 1 – 5

    Assuming the snow is decent, I am asking you to let me know if you might want to visit the Lodge during any of those weeks and if you are able, to say when you might be want to visit. I won’t hold you to it but would love to get a feel for who might be coming up. Feel free to click on as many dates as you think may apply to you. Answers are anonymous. Please only take the survey once – unless you wish to add dates. I’m just trying to get a feel for how many people might be up.


    WHY? Aaron, our caretaker, is contracted to work for 2 weeks and I need to know which nights we should have as meal nights.


    ****I also want to be clear that I am opening up reservations for these weeks starting 3 weeks ahead of time. *****

    For the week of the 18th – you may make a reservation starting on November 27th.

    For the week of the 25th – you may make reservations starting on the 4th of December.

    For the week of January 1 – you may make reservations starting on the 11th of December.


    I will be working and visiting with family in this time period – that means I will be busy and will confirm reservations approximately every other day as I am able – so you can hope confirmations to be emailed 3 ahead of your stay – I expect it to be busy and if the Lodge is filling up I will send emails earlier.  If it looks like I will not be able to accommodate you, I will email you as soon as I suspect a problem. The earlier you reserve, the more likely it is that you get a bed.

    *****The board voted to suspend the covid-era 1 family per room policy and return to shared rooms.  You WILL probably be sharing rooms this year unless you are a group of 4!


    XOXO Simone, your reservations goddess and winter VP.

    Look for an email with this information as well!

  • End of Summer Update and a BIG Thank You!

    October 28, 2023

    It feels like winter is right around the corner with cold temps and a little snow on the summit this week. As ‘summer’ comes to an end I wanted to highlight some projects that were completed and give some shout-outs to some key people who volunteered their time to make our lodge better and more beautiful with every visit.

    All four work parties ran as scheduled and had good turnout, thank you to everyone who came out. New people step into volunteer roles of UPSKI editor and membership coordinator.

    The new member weekends wrapped last week so a major shout-out is in order for our Membership Chair Vicki Luibrand, and her husband Rich for being amazing hosts and charming the socks off the 40ish people who attended. Get ready to meet some new people and make new friends this winter!

    Project Highlights:

    – New fire escape and smoke/CO detectors

    – Snowblower repair

    – New 6 burner gas stove

    – New electric water heater

    – New caretaker refrigerator

    – New paint in the bedrooms and dining room

    – 5 new pieces of living room furniture

    – Locker name plates

    – Men’s shower glazing

    – Foyer floor replacement and walkway railing extension

    – Road snow-stake setting

    – and much, much more…

    Shout-outs (I’m sorry, I can’t name everyone!)

    – Ken, Rick S, Wayne, Keith, Ramon, Bob P, Carrie, Rosalie, Valerie, Cindy, Julian, Bernhard

    It was so great meeting so many new people and seeing many old faces this summer up at the lodge. I am really looking forward to skiing with you all!


  • Board meeting tonight log in

    October 11, 2023
    Topic: OSC Board Zoom Meeting
    Time: Oct 11, 2023 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 872 6700 2231
    Passcode: 221797

    See you,
    Preliminary agenda
    • SummerVP report
      • Work parties and lodge status
    • Membership report
    • Treasurer report
    • Finance report
    • Upski
    • Winter Covid rules
    • Updated lodge guidelines
    • Other
  • Hello from one of your Winter VPs!

    October 8, 2023
    I am pretty sure the Lodge got filled this weekend with members and their guests! What fun! A number of reservations were made last minute – which is 100% acceptable in the non-winter seasons.
    Please be prepared to double up last minute, and you DEFINITELY want to check the recent reservations tab on the website! Do this before making a reservation, as well as when you are up there, or about to go up. This will give you an idea if other members are coming up.
    Please email any board member to get the password if you don’t already have it!
    I feel VERY STRONGLY that the Lodge will be VERY MUCH in demand this winter and on the weekends we will either definitely be sharing rooms or a lot of people will be denied reservations! Obviously, the snow conditions could change this prediction.
    This weekend as well as the next two will could be full – the New Members and Prospective members weekends will take place over the NEXT TWO weekends – pretty sure the spots are full for the 1st one, or a few spots left for weekend 2.
    Our next Board Meeting is this Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7 pm. Please email a Board member if you would like the zoom link.
    Simone, Winter VP / Reservations
  • August! Work Party’s! Other summer things!

    August 14, 2023

    Work Party #3 has wrapped and was another success. Bedrooms all have a fresh coat of paint, as well as the dining room, and the exterior (south and front ramp) has been scraped, sanded, primed, and painted. We have one more work party coming up Labor Day weekend, where we will focus on snow stake setting and wood splitting. We could use a few more hands for this one.

    Thank you to everyone who has spent time at a work party so far this summer or who has volunteered for other needed roles in the club. If you have any good photos from a work party you attended, please email them to me at summervp@oaklandskiclub.com so I can add them to this blog and forward them to our new Upski Editors, Camille and Shura!

    The lodge has been quite busy this summer, so please check the recent reservations tab on the website, or email me, to see what the space looks like if you are bringing a large group. I just did a small restock of basic kitchen, bathroom, and pantry items. I will be doing another by the end of September.

  • Summer reservations and big groups = fun!

    August 13, 2023

    Greetings! I noticed a bunch of people are making reservations for large groups! That is super fun and I am glad to see you sharing our amazing cabin with your friends!

    I do want to make a few points!

    1. ALL guests (and members) should sign Releases of Liability in order to use the Lodge. There might be some up there at the Lodge in one of the Binders near the check in spot.
    2. Be SURE to check the Recent Reservations tab in the OSC website so you know if there is room for you and your guests. https://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/- Larger groups should not take all of the rooms and should be prepared to double – triple up if other members come up.

    Kids younger than 5 should always stay downstairs – the upstairs is not childproofed.

    So you know how to read the reservations – the number that shows up at the very end of their reservation – after some names are listed – should tell how many people are reserved in that group (this is why it is so important to list the total number of people coming up.) Cancellations and changes do NOT get listed on this site.


    • Simone
  • July Updates

    July 20, 2023

    Summer at the lodge is amazing! The weather has been fabulous and the snow is now clear from all the main hiking trails in the area. Even the PCT hikers are up and moving through the mountains again after a long, snowy winter. Last weekend I went on an amazing hike down into the gorge of the North Fork of the American River and will share more about it in a future VP blog, but for now here are some updates:

    Summer Camp
    The Woods Project campers will be leaving later today for a week long backpacking trip, and will return for one night on Tuesday July 25th. The lodge will be available for reservations again starting now (minus the 25th), and the camp staff will be cleaning the lodge all day today and then again on the 26th. Thank you to Cindy Chudy, Rosalie Frankel, and Bernhard Ludewigt (I also did a few days) who volunteered to be our OSC hosts for the last 2 weeks. Cindy logged one week as host and helped solve some plumbing and appliance issues. Thanks all!

    Work Parties
    Our next work party is coming up soon from July 28-30. I have sent a confirmation email to all those who have already reserved. There is still some space so please make a reservation if you would like to attend this one. The remaining work parties are scheduled for the following dates: August 11-13, and September 1-3. Attendance/sign-up’s for these work two work parties have been good, so let’s keep up and get the lodge in tip-top shape for the winter.

    Invoices were sent out on 7/3 and are due no later that 8/3. Please check your emails carefully and pay your dues promptly.

  • Mid-May updates

    May 15, 2023

    I just got word that the road is totally drivable – with some potholes and ruts. Take it slow and avoid splashing puddles please! People are heading up for Palisades skiing and general fun! MEMBERS – Don’t forget – you may make a reservation the day you want to go and just pay immediately after – you won’t get a confirmation from the Summer VP unless it is work party related!

    Email any Board member for the lockbox key code.

    The General Meeting is coming up – you should have gotten an email from the OSC with the details! Check your spam box! Please include in your rsvp if you can help with set up/tear down/grilling!

    Sunday, May 21st, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., setup at 11 a.m.
    Clarewood Townhouses Association Pool and Club Room
    68 Clarewood Lane, Oakland, CA
    Drop off people and things first at 68 Clarewood Lane then park outside the complex on Clarewood Drive .
    Walk back to the pool on Clarewood Mall.
    What to bring:
    Last name begins with A to L – side dish
    Last name begins with M-Z bring a dessert
    Swimsuits, towel
    Club will provide: meat, drinks, etc.
    All Inactive and Active Members, their guests and perspective member(s) are invited to attend.
    RSVP to Julie: 707-227-9937; juliefalk@hotmail.com

  • SUMMER is coming!!!

    May 1, 2023

    5/2 at 7 pm will be the next Board Meeting. Email one of the board for a Zoom link.

    Someday, we don’t know when, there will be grass up at the Lodge… for now… we still have so much snow! In fact, OpenSnow says Palisades could get a foot of snow over the next week! Palisades plans on closing on July 4th.

    Alas, Sugar Bowl is done so now Summer Rates are in effect. ALSO you may reserve up to the day you wish to arrive – you MUST pay immediately after making the reservation. You will NOT receive a confirmation email from me, however, you should still look for the auto-reply email and make sure your reservation went through by checking the Recent Reservations tab of the OSC website. https://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/

    Aaron may or may not be at the Lodge when you are there so you should assume you are alone. Please follow opening and closing protocols – lists of what to do can be found by the sign in sheets and on the cork board next to the kitchen door. Please report any problems to the board or the Summer VP.

    You are expected to do your dishes and keep an eye on the laundry while there. Please don’t leave any more than a dish or 2 as it isn’t fair to ask others to do your dishes (if there is enough to fill a rack – it is worth running the sanitizer). Please don’t leave wet laundry in the wash or dryer.

    Don’t forget:

    The Board has set the tentative date for the General Membership Meeting for May 21st from 11:30 to 2 in Oakland. This is the most important meeting of the year that ALL members are encouraged to attend. We will be discussing the budget (including fees & assessments), electing new board members (maybe you!), changes to by-laws, and other such issues. Plus it’s always a really fun event and BBQ with all of your favorite club friends. This will be a pool party too!
    We also tentatively set Work Party dates!
    July 1-3
    July 29-30
    Aug 12-13
    Sept 2-4
    All the work running this club is done by members and one of the duties of each member is putting in 8 hours of work each year. The summer work parties are a fun and sunny way to meet those obligations, plus get some warm time up at the amazing place that is Donner Summit. But they’re also very necessary as it gives us a decent sized crew to do the things we can’t or don’t want to do during the slide-on-snow-season.

    We’ll be doing some major repairs due to this winters AMAZING SNOW, but we’ll also be doing the simple things like paint touchup, firewood, organizing the kitchen, downstairs, storage, deep cleaning–and there’s always something for everyone to help with, no matter their age or skill level… well, they should probably be old enough to stand up on skis or a board 😉

    Seriously, these parties are really fun. You’re also welcome to come as a prospective member and that will count towards your membership as one of your social events.
    We always try to book many work parties. We wanted to get the dates out as early as possible so people could plan their summer with the parties in mind.
    We have to put in the caveat that work parties will might move and some might be cancelled due to fires, leadership, or other issues. If so, you still need to fulfill your club work obligation. If you can’t, you’re on the hook for paying a fee instead… so please try to plan how you’ll contribute to the club this year, and allow for flexibility.
    Also, there’s no lodging fee for the work parties, so that’s good! Members are responsible for their own food, but ordinarily there is a potluck BBQ, so bring food to share or pitch in for groceries!
    We’ll be taking reservation for the individual parties later this summer, but if you haven’t fulfilled your 8 hour work requirement in some other way, please plan to attend at least one.
  • That’s a wrap… almost

    April 27, 2023

    Well folks, that was a winter wasn’t it!?

    This weekend is the last weekend for Sugar Bowl, so therefore it is the last weekend Aaron will be cooking and acting as caretaker. (He won’t be cooking breakfast) He may be staying at the Lodge over the summer, but paying rent. He will NOT be there as caretaker.

    As of today – no more reservations will be confirmed until the fall – probably Thanksgiving weekend. You now must always pay immediately after reserving. Please don’t feel the need to reserve far in advance – you will probably need to change your reservation and one of the volunteer board members will have to refund. Just reserve and pay when you KNOW you are coming up – good bet to do it a week (or closer to the date/day of) ahead of time. DAY OF reservations are FINE!!!! The summer is a great time to head to the Lodge!

    Please email a VP/President/Board member if there are concerns about the Lodge – we need to know. board@oaklandskiclub.com works as does summervp@oaklandskiclub.com . I don’t know who the Summer VP will be yet – they should get those emails over the summer… Will YOU be the Summer VP!? Summer VPs don’t even need to do reservation confirmations!!!


  • Winding down…

    April 17, 2023

    What a season!

    Sugar Bowl is almost closed – they are open through this weekend, then are doing an encore weekend at the end of April – then, that is it for this year. Once Sugar Bowl closes – Aaron is done cooking for the season. He has done a fantastic job this year!

    Check with each resort – dates could change….

    Palisades will be open until July 4th!

    Kirkwood everyday until the 30th, then Fri, Sat, and Sun for the 1st 2 weekends of May.

    Heavenly until May 7.

    Northstar is only open for the next 2 weekends.

    Soda Springs & Boreal close  4/23

    Donner Ski Ranch is open only on weekends (Until ??).

    Mt Rose until the 30th.

    Tahoe Donner is closed.


    OH! Craig and Ken temporarily got the internet running – we still need the actual company to come and replace the wires, but hopefully, we have something quasi-reliable until then.

    The snow is melting FAST. The road is clear for the most part, but the water will create huge ruts so drive carefully. There are about 5 – 7 spots at the Lodge to park – otherwise you may park on Sugar Bowl road. Leave a note with your number, name, and OSC on it.


  • Wednesday afternoon post

    April 12, 2023

    WIFI/Internet at Lodge – is NOT available at this time. Someone came out today – but no one was able to be there to greet him, so he wasn’t able to get in to try to fix it. Without internet – we also don’t have much by way of phone service as we all get pretty spotty cell service at the lodge. I don’t know when it will be fixed.

    There should be enough parking up there. Mostly up on Sugar Bowl road. The Lodge itself has 4 or 5 spots – only people with high clearance and 4wd should venture that way – the road has major muddy/slushy ruts. WEAR BOOTS THAT CAN HANDLE MUD!

    If NEEDED – we may park in the overflow Sugar Bowl lot – but ONLY for the night – gotta move that car pronto in the morning.

  • Updates on road and internet at Lodge

    April 10, 2023

    Internet report for Monday morning – continued outage caused by the provider. Nothing we can do at this time.

    Road report – The drive up and down is VERY sketchy with big uneven ruts, full of slush and lots of mud. We still recommend walking in, despite the difficulties. PLEASE keep your muddy boots out of the lodge! Change downstairs, and be mindful you may need to clean up muddy foot prints as an additional chore! The road is still barely wide enough for a car to drive down – side mirrors and lights risk shattering!

  • No Internet at the lodge – Optimum outage

    April 8, 2023

    Hi all,

    The internet has been down at the OSC since yesterday morning, we have called Optimum our provider and there seems to be a larger outage and they are working on it. Cellular is spotty and best near the road so please be aware and prepared of any issues in communications due to the wifi outage.

    Your Winter VPs

  • Update from Vicki…

    April 6, 2023
    The road is REALLY narrow into the lodge. Most people are parking out on the Sugar Bowl/Mount Judah Road and walking in. Pack in backpacks and if you have a little sled that could be really helpful. It’s not a far walk about half a mile and very flat-takes 10-15 minutes.
    We have a Subaru outback and needed to put chains on the get out on the road  due to ice. You don’t want to be the person who gets stuck. We had to help a member put their chains on because he couldn’t get up the road. Otherwise, it’s beautiful up here! The snow heights are beyond belief!
  • Current Road to OSC – from Vicki

    April 6, 2023
    Vicki would not recommend driving to the lodge as of now please read her first hand experience yesterday.
    “The road is REALLY narrow into the lodge. Most people are parking out on the Sugar Bowl/Mount Judah Road and walking in. Pack in backpacks and if you have a little sled that could be really helpful. It’s not a far walk about half a mile and very flat-takes 10-15 minutes.
    We have a Subaru outback and needed to put chains on the get out on the road  due to ice. You don’t want to be the person who gets stuck. We had to help a member put their chains on because he couldn’t get up the road. Otherwise, it’s beautiful up here! The snow heights are beyond belief!”


  • Weekend edition!

    April 5, 2023

    Parking: We have 3 or 4 spots to park at the Lodge… FOR NOW!!! There are small lots by the Lodge!!! A few cars will fit in each – BUT, you need to know that the road is so narrow – you can easily take out a side mirror or a light.

    The road is super duper slushy and slippery. There are big ruts – the ruts can push your tires over. Use caution! Cars without a lot of clearance might bottom out – best to have more clearance. Best to also feel very comfortable driving down it. It will harden over night.

    There is parking along the Sugar Bowl road = best for 2wd cars. There is also a smaller area to park on our little road below the Sugar Bowl overflow lot.

    If you have questions when you are up there about the parking / road situation – Aaron is willing to assist.

    Friday will snow a bit more. Everything could change!

  • Parking & Lodge update for this coming week & Weekend

    April 4, 2023

    A few people moved their dates around (THANK YOU!!!) and there is room at the Lodge for the foreseeable future. We also seem to have a few spaces AT the Lodge to park! The road is squirrely, so don’t attempt to drive down if you can’t handle super slush and ice – alternatively. It is still VERY NARROW and you probably need the skill to back up for a long time because there is NO getting around another car. I suggest sending a scout to make sure you don’t end up half way down and needing to back up. There are some spaces at the top of the road on the Sugar Bowl access – just be sure to put your name, phone #, and Oakland Ski Club on a paper on your dash in the event someone needs to check on you.

  • Save the Dates!!!

    April 4, 2023

    The most important club meeting of the year, The General Membership Meeting is tentatively set for May 21st (A possible back of up of Sunday, June 4th.)  We just need to find a place to hold it.  We have often held it in a park with a BBQ – other times, members have been able to host in big yards or condo event spaces.  We will have a list of nominees for the BOD, bylaw changes and, hopefully, Dues and Fees amendments.

    We also tentatively set Work Party weekends:

    July 1-3

    July 29-30

    Aug 12-13

    Sept 1-3

    We’ll need people to lead each party! AND people to coordinate the Fun activities!

  • Monday – It is Spring Break – lots of families coming up mid-week!

    April 3, 2023

    Hello! I don’t have an update on the road, but assume it is still not advisable to drive on. We have some parking at the top, but not a lot. Everyone should consider the possibility of driving up as a carpool!

    It looks like there aren’t any big storms coming up, so we may finally get the road and parking back before the end of the Sugar Bowl season in a few weeks. Maybe not – there is that much snow up there. Just got 9 inches last night…

    We had a covid exposure at the Lodge last Friday 3/31 at the Lodge. Anyone who was up there should test today and the next few days. Don’t return if you have any symptoms! We have 2 air purifies up there! Keep them going! Masks still work.

    Right now – Thursday and Friday of this week look like they might be full. If you haven’t made a reservation yet for those nights, do it asap! If you are planning on those nights, be prepared to carpool! (Saturday is NOT full) Be aware that Aaron may not be available if his exposure leads him to an infection.

    Next week also has mid-week reservations. Saturday isn’t as busy as it sometimes is.

  • Thursday Parking addition!

    March 31, 2023

    We heard that Sugar Bowl is planning on plowing the road to their Tunnel/Upper parking lot this morning- the one at the top of our road. We want this to happen!

    DO NOT park on the top of our road – meaning – on the hill in-between their parking access and our road/driveway to the cabin. You MAY park on the Sugar Bowl road (there are about 6 or so spots open) Please leave room for other cars to fit there too.

    Leave a note with your name, phone #, and OSC on the dash.

    You MAY also park in our “driveway” in-between the Lodge and the “hill” access area.

    Yes, this is vague, but we are trying to work with our neighbors. DON”T GET IN THE WAY OF A PLOW!!!!

    If we are nice – MAyBE we can be allowed to park in their lot OVERNIGHT – but we would have to move our cars in the morning.


    March 29, 2023

    If you park at the Lodge for the foreseeable future – PLEASE – write your name, phone number, and OSC on a paper on your dash so that we know who is there and that your car belongs there!


  • Wednesday parking edition

    March 29, 2023

    According to Aaron, there is about 2 feet of fresh snow on the road. Snowshoes recommended. He is doubtful we will have lower road parking this weekend. At best it will be like last weekend [about 5 spots ON Sugar Bowl road and 3 or more down the road on the little hill]. Expect to walk in.

    ***** FOLKS…. this means MAYBE 8 spots – not that we can predict the availability of Norm – and we shall see what he can manage. Last weekend his plow got stuck and even he needed to be pulled out. Then again, maybe he’ll get more spots available. Probably you should be prepared to beg parking from other establishments. Please don’t say you are with our club and expect that that will get you anywhere. We don’t want to wear out our welcome!

    FYI – last weekend I couldn’t even see Viking Ski Club because their lot is buried… in fact I couldn’t even see their building. The Donner Ski Ranch parking lot seems to be about half the size it normally is. Sugar Bowl seems to have their main lots taken care of. A lot of people were parking during the day on 40. I wonder if that could work for some people.

    Right now, I have 10 people (cars) reserved for Friday night, and 8 for Saturday.

  • Tuesday night parking edition

    March 28, 2023

    This weekend is going to be super interesting! It appears that the Lodge itself could be full… if only everyone could get there!

    As previously stated below, the parking situation is challenging. Norm plowed last weekend – the road was walkable – and about 8 parking spots were available at the Sugar Bowl access road. HOWEVER – as you all know – the Summit received another blast of snow. So now the road is full of snow again – wind gusts will continue to fill it – as they do – and the parking at the top of the road is … gone. It will probably come back by this weekend – Maybe tomorrow. However, now Friday and Saturday are looking just about full. I am not sure at all where you all will park. Remember – we share the parking with Alpineers club – and word on the street is they might have a few visitors this weekend too.

    The other people coming up can be found at the Recent Reservations section in the Members Only part of the website. https://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/ You can contact people as their phone numbers and email addresses are listed.

  • We still don’t have much parking.

    March 27, 2023

    I am seeing a lot of people paying for weekend visits before confirmation. I do not know why you are doing this. This is against express wishes of the OSC and reservations. You may not want to come up after all. Refunding and keeping track of your payments creates a lot of work for a few people. Weekends include Friday and Saturday (and the rule goes for any school /bank holiday time).

    The road is barely plowed, there is very little parking = you might have to go scrambling for parking elsewhere. You will have a long walk back to the Lodge. More feet of snow is falling this week. There may only be space for 5 cars this weekend – maybe more, maybe less. We had room for 8 cars last weekend – but hadn’t had snow for several days and plowing just happened. The Alpineers club also gets to use the parking and I don’t have the bandwidth to coordinate with them.

    We already have enough reservations to possibly be at capacity. Come up mid week. Carpool.

    On the plus side… the walk from Sugar Bowl road to the Lodge is pretty easy to walk, maybe a bit icy in spots. (Tues / Wed storms will change this probably). ALSO, the snow for skiing/riding is fantastic!!

  • Some headway being made on the road – but still very little parking

    March 24, 2023

    This is the road to the Lodge. It is NOT complete – very narrow – and hopefully more headway will be made soon. It does not go all the way to the Lodge.

    There continues to only be very, very limited parking and everyone needs to work with others for spots. Do have a plan if you can’t get one of the spots. The walls cave in and you can very easily get stuck.

    Put paper with your name and phone # on your dash.

  • Update on access to Lodge!

    March 21, 2023

    According to Aaron, “The road to the Lodge is Walkable in boots, but snowshoes are definitely better. Hidden postholes under the snow…” It is possible for a leg to sink and get a bit tweaked on the walk.

    Steve Root described it, “the road is totally covered with hard icy snow. Depth-wise it’s gotta be 6-8 feet in places and filled in between the snow banks on either side. I’m not sure how Norm will ever get it plowed. It needs a HUGE snowblower, like those Cal Trans has, to get it done. We may be walking in for the remainder of the season.”

    We are working with Alpineers to pressure Norm to get the road done, but, it will be a huge task for him and we aren’t sure he is capable.

    Meanwhile, we DO have a few parking spots at the top of our road where cars can fit.

  • Snow made Fire-Pit at the OSC

    March 19, 2023

    After a lot of shoveling we had some well deserved desert and rest around the fire-pit dug out of the snow pile!




  • Parking at the top of the Road to OSC now ready

    March 17, 2023

    We now have 4-5 parking spots at the top of the road. Walk in is about on mile on firm snow. Enjoy the hike!

  • Access to the Lodge

    March 16, 2023

    Is currently WALK IN ONLY. You don’t need snowshoes – but be careful. IF you use the sled – you have to bring it back to the top of the walk way.

    UPDATED!!! 12:00 Friday
    There IS parking at the top of our road! We could possibly fit 6 cars if everyone packs in tightly. Do not expect to leave your car there or get out early without coordinating with other people.

    This parking might go away if the walls cave in!


  • This weekend 3/17-19

    March 16, 2023

    As of Thursday 3/16/23 the road is still now plowed. There is NO WHERE to park right now. We do not know if Norm will be able to get to it tomorrow – he wanted to get to it today, but wasn’t able to. We hope there are some spots for this weekend, but who knows!?

    If you come up – you might not have a parking spot. Donner Ski Ranch is NOT our overflow parking. If you ask them to park there – Do NOT tell them you are with Oakland Ski Club – and that someone told you you could do it – no one has told you this! (Aaron’s car got towed!) There is legal parking on 40 – but there has been record snow and it is buried. Have a plan. You might have to drive back home. Maybe not. I’m sorry that I can’t solve this for you!

    We have no control over the situation!

    The snow is melting and freezing over. Slush. This is one of the snowiest years in recorded history.


  • It’s a … “Challenging” winter, that’s for sure!

    March 14, 2023

    You are probably wondering what the first picture is…. it is the road getting to the Lodge. Aaron tells us that the berm is higher than him getting to the road – and Norm will plow sometime… but we don’t know when. We are hoping for some parking spots at the top – which will then mean you need to walk/snowshoe/ski/snorkel to the Lodge. The winds and huge walls mean that all of the plowing just gets refilled shortly after. The Club spent quite a bit of money to get the berm next to the Lodge partially removed so that the snow could slide off. They plowed the road. That nice road is now filled in again. We think the Lodge should be able to handle the snow that will come.

    yes, it is THAT deep.

    You can see here the snow is slowly sliding off the roof. It is still pretty deep on the bathroom/kitchen side and we need to keep an eye on structural integrity.

    All of this to say, that one should not expect the road to be plowed until the storms let up for some time. You should come prepared to hike in. Finding parking on the Summit is a problem. Aaron did get towed from the Donner ski ranch parking lot – I’m not sure of the circumstances. You probably should consider bringing your shovel and making spaces on the eastern side of the Gondola where parking is allowed on 40. If I learn of any parking spaces opening up, I will post.

    But hey, the Lodge isn’t filling up on the weekends anymore! You should come up midweek! And be prepared to shovel!

    PS – Aaron is a rockstar and if you came up bearing gifts for him, he would appreciate it!

  • Article about our snow plow contractor Norm

    March 12, 2023




    Great work this season by Norm our snow plow contractor, he has been amazing working through the storms.

  • Major Snow Removal at the OSC tonight!

    March 7, 2023

  • Zoom link if you want to join Zoom Board meeting

    March 7, 2023

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 736 0729 8915
    Passcode: 2GmyXG

  • All hands on deck!

    March 6, 2023

    We really need members to head up and help with snow removal – we need to protect the structural integrity of the Lodge! Snow removal from the roof is needed. It is a 2 person job minimum. It is pretty easy to walk up on it, but it is possible to fall off from the sides = must have a buddy. The snow surrounding the Lodge is super deep – we wouldn’t want someone to fall and not be able to get up. (We need more than 2 people total to do it, but even putting in an hour or 2 would make a dent)

    Mid week, as always, is a great time to head up!

    Weekends are almost empty – the way the storms are keeping us away! That being said. I WILL absolutely consider your request to come up last minute for a weekend stay when it is storming & we have so many cancellations. It doesn’t hurt to ask! If you think you can safely drive up and be flexible with your departure, Just make a reservation. Once things calm down (will they ever?!) I will return to asking all reservations being in by 6 on Wednesday if you want to stay on Friday or Saturday.

    Aaron is getting exhausted by the constant snow removal. He needs help. We need to hire a serious snow removal company to remove snow so that the roof snow can fall off. There is a lot going on.

    There is a Board Meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm on Zoom. Please attend if you want – it’s open to all members.

    The next OSC board meeting will be Tuesday, March 7, at 7:30 pm.
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 869 8575 6004
    Passcode: 819682
  • Updates on the Lodge – Wednesday evening edition!

    March 1, 2023

    Norm was finishing up here. Seriously, it is a lot of work, and Sugar Bowl reported about 9 feet over the last week. Plowing is serious business up on the summit! We need members up there who can help with snow removal around the Lodge! Some members have already been at it! If you haven’t already, take a look at our new UpSki! https://www.upski.org/ Help is needed on the roof – it is at minimum a 2 person job.

    You will definitely want to keep an eye on the roads. https://twitter.com/CaltransDist3 and https://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/

    Aaron reports that the road, while getting plowed regularly, is subject to wall collapses and wind berms, so one never knows of the conditions. BRING SHOVELS. Don’t try to ram your way through it. We had a car stuck on the road for 24 hours.

    Oh, and you should really be paying attention to the weather forecast as well. I like https://opensnow.com The snow is going to keep falling in record amounts.

  • Holy mega-snow pack Batman!

    February 28, 2023

    As you can see from the photos, The Lodge is almost buried! Aaron continues to do what he can to keep things under control. He loves help and so anyone who can be flexible and head up would be welcomed! The skiing is epic! This is what we signed up for! (We do need some people who might be able to help get snow off the roof – this is a MINIMUM 2 person job – always need a safety person)

    Norm HAS been plowing and making parking spots, but obviously storms like these still leave a foot or so of snow on the road from time to time. When you go up, be prepared to be creative with your parking. If you try the Gondola lot, let me know what happens. We aren’t “supposed” to use it, but we never really were, and we did. Other lots nearby might do in a pinch as well. What ever you do, DO NOT EVER leave your car there for a long time. Keep moving it so plows can do their work. Always bring a shovel with you so you can get yourself out of a bind.

    This weekend looks like more powder! Friday currently looks clear for driving up, but the chance to return to the Bay area looks best for Monday. Of course, there will be some openings on 80, and our driveway, but history shows us that there is no way to be sure when they will be. This is a bummer for me because I just adopted a dog, and was thinking of only going up for one night!


    PLEASE do not send me emails about your change of plans, unless it is a last minute, emergency-type situation (it is fine if you are on the road/in the hospital, but you still need to do the change form). You need to use the change/cancel reservation form on the website. I get the change, but no one else does who needs to see it. Certainly ask questions, but a lot of information is available by checking online.


    One last thing, there will be a Board Meeting on March 7 at 7:30. Email  wintervp@oaklandskiclub.com or any board member for the zoom link (not yet available)

  • Sugar Bowl is offering some nice deals for skiing starting on March 1!

    February 24, 2023


    Spring pass – $399! $99 for kids!

    Lift tickets will be $89!


    Because, they announced they are open until 4/23!!!

    Woo Hoo!

  • MORE SNOW!!!!

    February 22, 2023

    Woo hoo! Powder this weekend! We always love a top up!

    Please plan accordingly and make sure you are ready for a wintery drive! Norm is ready to plow, you just need to be patient.

    FYI – we are seeing the rooms fill up on weekends. PLEASE let me know if you’ll share a room (particularly if you are solo or a duo.)

    I am surprised I haven’t heard from anyone wanting to get more involved with running the club/lodge this summer. Come on folks!

  • Interesting times!!

    February 14, 2023

    Sometimes you run into other OSC members when skiing in Alta – Here I am with Bernhard!

    We got to ski a bunch of runs together – unfortunately, it’s hard to see our gorgeous faces with the bad shadows…

    We DID have some technical difficulties with the OSC website – but it seems to be working. Make sure your reservations went through if you want to come up this weekend for President’s weekend. The Lodge doesn’t look full as of Tuesday night.


    February 9, 2023


    I want you to know that the Lodge has been filling up for the last 3 weekends. We occasionally get cancellations because people are sick, injured, or because of storms that will make driving difficult. You should get your reservation in ON TIME – preferably a week ahead of time – if you want space.

    Please – do not expect space for guests that require their own room (FOR SATURDAY NIGHT!!!)

    – get your reservation in on time (but not more than 2 weeks ahead of time)

    – If you are willing to share a room (especially solo people) PLEASE let me know – I will really appreciate this (though I am less impressed if you are a group of 3)

    – OpenSnow.com gives a pretty accurate forecast and will help you plan your trips when snow is a concern

  • Things are moving along.

    February 8, 2023

    The road continues to be plowed, but there always is a possibility that wind can make it hard to travel over. We can’t always know. Norm & Co has been on it and will play sooner or later. Right now, it’s plowed! And there is parking.


    What are you doing to help the Oakland Ski Club? Have you been on the Board? We NEED you to step up and use your skills to make it a great place! You don’t need to be an expert! Right now we DESPERATELY need someone to be the Summer VP – it just means organizing the summer activities – you get to delegate the actual work party “work” to other people. Someone else will decide what needs to be done at the actual work party – some weekends are already being planned… we just need the person who keeps an eye on everything so everyone knows who is in charge.

    Just a picture of a Swiss hillside for the fun of it!


  • MORE SNOW!!!

    February 1, 2023

    Edited to add: This is changing frequently. At 4 pm it looks like most of the snow will fall Saturday night and taper off into Sunday.

    Whoa! This is the forecast for this weekend. I strongly suggest you consider it when planning your drive.

    Norm & Co. will be plowing, but we cannot control when he will get to it on Saturday and Sunday.


    Request: Please do not ask for payments to be applied to a different day than what you asked for. It has become very hard to keep track of them, so instead I will be asking you to get a refund and paying again for when you actually do come up. In the same vein, please don’t use the cancellation/change form for rescheduling your visit – rather use it to cancel or change an existing reservation’s i.e.: # of people, adding/subtracting a day, sort of change.

    Remember, mid-week stays don’t need many days notice, you can generally be assured you will have a room to yourself. You can reserve last minute, when you are 100% sure you will actually come up.

  • Wild about snow!!

    January 25, 2023

    We have a new lockbox code! Members can email me to get it! It is not to be shared with non-members!

    Do you see this pictures!? There is a lot of snow up there! We still have enough parking, but you need to do your part, as the parking areas shrink as more snow falls…

    The “Upper” Lot fits about 8 cars, but we do need to make room. Please don’t be “that guy” and take up 2 parking spots. The upper lot is your best bet to park in if you need to leave early – no one will likely block you in.

    The “Lower” lot is the one next to the pathway to the Lodge. It fits up to 6 cars if we are smart. It is acceptable etiquette to block someone in and work it out amongst yourselves to move cars when needed. However, if you want to get to Palisades early and so leave at 7 am, this is NOT the lot for you. This lot is also not for you if you block someone in and want to stay in bed until 9 am.

    Finally, if you are up mid-week. Chores need to be done! If you can’t imagine what needs to be done, you MAY ask Aaron! He knows a lot! You can also help with Laundry!

    See you up there!


  • 8 days of clear skies! But you still need to be aware!

    January 20, 2023

    Doesn’t it look beautiful!!!!????

    Yes, yes it does!

    All that fresh snow is settling nicely, however, it can still move with the wind! Obviously, the road can still be windswept so can get tricky to get in and out of. No one is capable of leaving day to day, hour by hour updates. Norm & Co have been plowing after and during storms, and will come other times as asked. Please be aware of everyone’s limitations (Norm doesn’t know every time our road needs it-Caretaker is not monitoring hourly- WinterVPs have work and families and can’t monitor hourly or even daily TBH). YOU need to be prepared to shovel a bit if snow drifts or fallen snow leaves a big pile in the drive. Always carry a shovel.

    The road is plowed and there is parking. That could change very fast and while we do our best to update, it is your responsibility as OSC members to handle changes.

  • More pictures at the Lodge…

    January 16, 2023

    Ted, Ken, and Aaron were rockstars shoveling and keeping things under control (to the best of their abilities) this last week!

    They weren’t able to get the snow off the entryway roof — so please be careful anywhere near that area! People are killed every winter by snow falling off of roofs.
    Here are some pictures of the current state of affairs… THIS is why I love it up there!!!!!

    Norm & crew has been on top of plowing to the best of their abilities! Sometimes they are up there 2x a day even!


    Yep – that snow is as deep as the back deck!!

    This is Ted showing how deep the road is now… he is a tall guy. The snow is over his head. It MAY become very difficult to blow the snow off the road because Norm’s blower can only blow so high!

    Doesn’t the road look so narrow relative to how deep the walls are?!

    Almost buried!


  • Well, maybe you should have gone up this weekend….

    January 14, 2023

    Ted H took these pictures today! Ready for the next round… which will be less than thought!

  • I had this important email sent earlier today

    January 12, 2023
    Hello OSC members,
    I have been noticing a lot of people are struggling with the Lodge rules and Guidelines.
    I am asking you to review the LODGING GUIDELINES that is found on the website. Please do so right now! Email me if you don’t know the password to get to the members section. OSC Members’ Section
    In particular, it is essential that you understand that reservations are always required. In order to make a reservation you MUST get an automated reply showing it went through. Some members seem to have trouble with the host website. Be assured, it you get the autoreply, the reservation went through. You can also see if your reservation went through by checking Recent Reservations
    Another area of concern is cancelations. More and more people are canceling last minute or even not showing up after making reservations. This is not acceptable. There are plenty of reasons your plans might change, some of them are completely out of your control, however enough of the issues that prevent trips are foreseeable and no one should be waiting until the last minute to cancel.
    Please use the OSC website to make any changes to your reservation. Emails to reservations@oaklandskiclub.com will be accepted and appreciated as we recognize that sometimes that is the quickest way to get the information to the Lodge. However, the Lodge Guidelines have long maintained that late cancellations still require payment.
    This email is to inform you that I will enforce payments for late cancelations and particularly for not showing up after confirmations have been sent out. If circumstances made your trip impossible, please let a Winter VP or reservations know immediately what the reason is so we can discuss it.
    I have spent a lot of time this winter keeping the VP Blog updated as I am able. Please read it regularly. I did decide to remove the Reservations Calendar as it was leading to the problems I have discussed above.
    One final reminder is that we ask visitors to the Lodge to respect other people up there. That includes respecting quiet hours, cleaning up after yourself, minding your own children and teaching them the rules of the Lodge, doing your chores, and helping with snow removal.
    This looks like a fantastic snow year and I want to get as many of you as possible up to the Lodge!
    Simone, your Co-Winter VP and Reservations Manager.
  • Update as of noon on Wednesday re: road and parking

    January 11, 2023

    Aaron just told me it seems as though 2 feet have fallen and it is still snowing hard.

    Norm has been plowing and the road is currently drivable – but there isn’t much parking.

    As you can see from this snow forecast – more is on the way! I can’t recommend highly enough that you check the OpenSnow website regularly! Paying gets you 10 days of forecast instead of 5 days. It’s worth it!


  • Reminder!

    January 10, 2023

    Unfortunately, too many people cancel at the last minute and it costs all of us money when our caretaker prepares meals for people who don’t show up, and other members can’t go up because we thought rooms were full.  All rules can be found here http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/upski-downski-codes-2/

    In the Useful Document section you will find Lodge Guidelines:


    Winter weekend cancellations without penalty can be made prior to the 6 PM Wednesday cut off. Other holiday/meal days cancellation without penalty at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

    Cancel 48 to 24 hours prior to arrival – pay for booked meals ($14 dinner, $8 breakfast.)

    Cancel less than 24 hours prior to arrival – pay for 1 night stay for the entire group.


    No-shows/no-calls will be charged for the whole stay. Members will be charged for guests.


    Best way to cancel:

    Use the Reservation Cancellation or Changes page on the OSC website.

    Members are responsible for cancellations of/for their guests.


    Cancellations due to weather: If the caretaker has gone food shopping and you have not cancelled but later decide to leave due to an incoming storm, you will be charged for booked meals.

    The amount of the cancellation fee will be determined by the Vice President, based on the occupancy of the lodge, and must be paid prior to subsequent reservations.

  • In other exciting news…

    January 8, 2023

    Valerie the fabulous has repaired all of the beds to the best of my knowledge! Thank you Valerie!!!!

    If you know of a broken thing at the Lodge you have a few choices – Fix it yourself (ask a more seasoned member if unsure!) or let Simone, Valerie, or Steve, your Co-Winter VPs know about it! wintervp@oaklandskiclub.com

    Happy to report the heater in the Game Room is fixed! Yay! It should be kept at 45 degrees unless you are actually hanging out in there – turn it up if you want – just be sure it goes back down to 45.

  • Fantastic snow!

    January 8, 2023

    I just got back from being at the Lodge! I skied at Sugar Bowl and was SO HAPPY with the conditions up there! The big storms weren’t too big and I got up with zero problems on Friday, and zero problems returning on I-80 on Sunday. We did have a bit of an adventure digging out on Sunday morning. The snow was too slippery even for my Subaru Forester even WITH cables. Luckily, the plow came and I and everyone else was able to head out. The plow came pretty early and had done almost half of the road – unfortunately for us, a car was coming up the road while it was working – so it turned around – not to return for several hours.

    Folks, if you come across the plow when you are leaving or arriving on our road – LET THE PLOW FINISH! Please! It will be hours or even days before they can return.

    Be advised that while I check my email regularly, I will not respond to emails over the weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday) unless there is an emergency! It becomes too much to try to accommodate so many last minute requests. Once I have sent out confirmations on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. I expect cancelations to come pretty quickly for those that need to make them, and then it should be reservations for the following week. Our caretaker shops for food for the weekends on Thursday, so numbers need to be finalized by then.

    Big exciting storms are 100% predictable, so asking to come up or cancelling late is not an excuse! I like OpenSnow for the 10 day snow report https://opensnow.com/location/sugarbowl/forecast

  • Road update! Friday morning….

    January 6, 2023

    Just got word that the road is plowed and there is parking at the Lodge! I-80 is snowy right now. Hopefully it gets drier as the day goes on.

    OpenSnow shows clear skies for tonight, and the Saturday/Sunday storm should lead to a manageable departure on Sunday. We might want to park elsewhere on Saturday, or stay and be prepared to dig out your car.

    The important thing is to leave room on Sunday for Norm to plow!

  • Friday night 1/7 will be full. Waitlist only – probably Saturday too.

    January 3, 2023

    Woo hoo!

    People willing to share rooms are helpful. If you see someone up and want to arrange to share a room – both of you need to let me know!

  • January 3, 2023

    This is Steve Root! He is one of our Co-WinterVPs! These are his pictures taken during the recent storm up in the mountains! Lots of work digging out, but it is worth it don’t you think! That porch had to be cleared twice – good thing we have a snow blower!
    The road is plowed, and parking spots cleared. It appears this weekend is going to be full. I have tiny bit of leeway to possibly move things around for this coming weekend, but will not accept any last minute reservations. Nothing after 6 pm on Wednesday – and anything on Wednesday might be too late. You all knew more storms are coming!

  • Road is plowed but Very Narrow – not much parking

    January 1, 2023

    The storm brought 2.5 feet of snow!

    For the new year, Norm plowed our road. It is narrow. Hopefully he comes back for another round. There isn’t much parking

    This means that for the time being (even if he widens it a little) there is no way to pass another car. Perhaps send a scout down the road to see what is going on – stop other cars. Be prepared to back out.



  • This storm is a doozy!

    December 31, 2022

    Well, yesterday it poured, causing water to flow into the basement. All adults at the Lodge worked hard to clear the basement and divert water. It sounds somewhat under control!! Phew! The huge amounts of flowing water have messed up the road area I hear. We still might need help, stay tuned.

    Luckily we have an A-Team coming up on NY day to help manage what might be next.  The road was plowed this morning, but evidently there is 2 feet on it as I sit here at 5 pm on Saturday. Hopefully Norm can get to it soon – it will take a while – not to mention there is a large berm at the turn off. If you are coming up tonight or tomorrow, be prepared to hike in. When you joined,  we told you this happens! Pack that car to be prepared.

    If you come up, it is expected you are prepared to help in this sort of event! The storm has been forecast for some time so it isn’t a surprise to anyone!

  • Who is reading this?!

    December 30, 2022

    It seems I need to repeat myself so much! I am trying to remind you all of how to make reservations without writing a 10 page paper on what to do! I know it is a LOT to read! I feel I have to say it all over and over again because … it appears some folks need reminding!

    Make your reservation within the right time frame and make sure it went through!

    Wait for confirmation (Fridays, Meal Nights, aka Saturday nights & Holidays)

    After confirmation (or seeing it went through if a non-holiday or weekend) Pay for your stay!

    • OR IF you must cancel, do so as soon as you realize you can’t come up. The sooner the better. If you don’t show up our caretaker is preparing food that will go to waste and you might have denied someone else a place to stay which is NOT COOL!!!!!
      • I know it can be hard to remember on the OSC website if you really are in an emergency – so you can email me and caretaker@oaklandskiclub.com – but you still need to cancel /change using the OSC website.
  • Winter breaks keep bringing storms!

    December 28, 2022

    A good website to keep checking is OpenSnow https://opensnow.com/location/sugarbowl/forecast I pay to get the longer forecast, but even the short term one is helpful!

    Right now it looks like the 1st has ONE room left – so reserve NOW if you want to come up. Feel free to offer to share a room – look for other members on the Recent Reservations tab.

    I am really excited for a return to normal (what ever that means!) because doing reservations during the XMas/New Years holiday keeps me very busy! I look forward to returning to one time a week confirmations! Remember – if you are coming up for a Friday and/or Saturday night stay, you must have a confirmation. That also goes for any other night considered a Meal Night!


  • Next week has some full days (12/29 & 12/30)

    December 23, 2022

    It appears that 12/29 + 12/30 (Thursday and Friday) might be full. I might be able to get creative, but assume you will be on a waiting list for any future reservations. You should reserve earlier during these busy times! If you already reserved, you are probably good to go.
    IF you really want to come up, feel free to coordinate with someone else who will be up. Look at the Recent Reservations tab for someone who can share a room. Coordinate it. Let me know. http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/

    IF you are happy to share a room, PLEASE let me know!

  • WEATHER IS coming!!!

    December 22, 2022


  • Reservations and other news!

    December 22, 2022

    We are off to a great season! I got to ski last weekend and through Tuesday and the snow is fantastic, especially considering it is only December!’ The lodge isn’t being used to it’s potential. I guess the flu, covid, and other nasties are keeping people away to some degree. We thank you for that! Don’t come up if you are experiencing symptoms! Meanwhile, feel free to make reservations, I will let you know if you won’t fit! But I will ALWAYS try to make it work! I may, from time to time, suggest shifting your dates or asking you to share a room. Life and work means I can’t always respond within 24 hours, but I will always respond if given enough time.

    Did you know that ski resorts are traditionally busiest when kids are out of school? That means 2 weeks surrounding New Years and Xmas, Presidents’ Day weekend, and MLK day weekend are the busiest times on the mountains! We consider a weekend visit to include Friday night and Saturday night. Saturdays are busier than Fridays, but both can lead to a full Lodge. That all of these times are busy is the reason we require confirmations for Lodge visits over these periods. It can get really awkward if 6 people try to sleep in a room designed for 4… No one wants to change rooms mid-stay. (We also have other considerations such as broken beds, no little kids should stay upstairs, room requests). AND don’t forget our Caretaker needs to get accurate numbers on who will be visiting.

    So our next group of visitors need room assignments…

    Olenberg-Meltzer will be in Palisades.

    Meyers will be in Bear.

    Martin will be in Northstar


  • Heating problems in Game room

    December 20, 2022

    Our heater in the Game Room/Boot drying room is not working properly. We thought it was the thermostat, but might be wrong. I have 2 requests;

    If anyone is qualified to some degree to help fix/diagnose a Gas heater, let us know, and/or

    If you come here, leave the Polar room door open for now as it is the only heat we have in the basement.


  • Trying a new system to confirm reservations!

    December 19, 2022

    So I am concerned with the number of people who attempt to make reservations and don’t succeed. Most seem to go through, but enough people seem confused and I want you to use the OSC website more than you have been, so I am trying this! The VP Blog is important and has updated information!

    100% the best way to make sure your reservation request went through is to check http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/ You also should receive an auto-reply email saying it went through.

    You also MUST pay attention to the Calendar to see if it is a weekend or holiday – does it say Meal Night (that is a great hint). If it is a holiday or weekend, you MUST have a confirmation email before coming up.

    Anyone listed below is confirmed! If you aren’t on this list, I didn’t get your reservation or I may have messed up and you should email me with proof of your reservation. I’ll get to the 23rd (and after) in a few days.

    For 12/20 – I have Jakub, He, McGee, Brown, Vogl

    12/21 – I have Jakub, He, McGee, Vogl, Soll, & Horwitz

    12/22 – I have Jakub, He, McGee, Soll & guests, Popper, Smith/Dolezal & guest, Fisher

    If your name is on the list – that means you pay now for your stay! (Or immediately send a cancelation!)

    *  Masks are strongly encouraged (I got covid at the Lodge last summer!!!). You and your guests need to be vaccinated.

    *   There is parking! The road is plowed. Norm is plowing, so the road “should” be clear  but you should be prepared. I will do my best to keep you updated. Please check Facebook or the VP Blog. You can email me as well.

    *  TAKE GARBAGE and /or Recycling home with you.

    *   Make sure you (and your kids) are doing chores. Chores will be assigned for Saturday night And every night over the Winter holiday!

    Just doing your dishes and vacuuming your room is not enough. If you need ideas for other days of the week, you can use the chore chart found next to the room assignment board. Laundry is always helpful to do – especially mid-week!

    *  Help with snow removal. This is not considered a chore. It is a must when there is fresh snow – or digging needs to be done.

    *  You must sign in on the register upon your arrival.

    If you are bringing guests – you are responsible for making sure they understand all of the rules of the club. Children must be supervised!

    !!!! Parents, please supervise your kids, especially during meal times. Younger ones will need help serving food. Licking spoons or knives then returning them to the peanut butter/jelly/nutella is frowned upon.

    Have fun!! DO NOT come up if you aren’t feeling well or if you had an exposure to Covid/Flu/etc!


  • 2 weeks of Holidays at the Lodge!

    December 19, 2022

    Kids are out of school and families are headed to the Lodge (Singles too!)

    The next 2 weeks are ALL Meal nights and we need advance reservations AND confirmation before you can head up!

    HOWEVER – Some nights have less people reserved, so those mornings Aaron will do less preparation and just have food available (It doesn’t make sense for him to make a big breakfast and make lots of dishes for the 4 people up who only want cereal/toast anyway). The Lodge is fully stocked with food. He will be making dinner.

    Check your pass – many season passes have restrictions from 12/25 – 1/1/23 – or so.

  • Ready For the Winter Holidays!

    December 14, 2022

    HI OSCers!

    As you probably know, kids will be out of school for at least 2 weeks starting next week and going until the New Year! That means the Mountains will be busier! Some passes are restricted! It also means that the Lodge will be full many nights including mid-week. Make your reservations NOW please! I will not be able to honor last minute reservations very often, if at all! (I like to spend time with my family over these 2 weeks and will not be checking emails hourly!)

    BE SURE your reservation went through by checking the Recent Reservations list in the Members Only section in the OSC website. You can also be sure by finding the Auto-Generated email sent just after your properly done reservation! Not there?! It didn’t happen and you should try again! You can also see who else will be coming up this way!
    Make sure you press SUBMIT! A payment for a reservation is not a reservation! Payments over this 2 week period should only be made once you have received a confirmation email from Simone or a Winter VP

    Happy Holidays and I hope you all get some freshies!


    (AND YES, NORM IS PLOWING and seems to be doing a good job)

  • Did your reservation go through?

    December 10, 2022

    Here is how to check!

    Protected: Recent Reservations

  • Now taking Winter Break reservations & other updates!

    December 5, 2022


    A few reminders…

    For non-holiday weekends – you may reserve 2 weeks ahead of time and UP UNTIL 6 pm the Wednesday before.

    For weekdays – go ahead and make reservations the day of! (or 2 weeks ahead of time)

    For Holidays – you can do it 3 weeks ahead of time and 2 or 3 days before. The sooner the better!

    For weekends and Holidays,  You are only able to go to the Lodge upon receipt of an email from reservations or a Winter VP. Please do not assume I will be checking emails daily.

    Norm is plowing the road! Even still, part of being part of this lovely club is knowing you might have to walk in, or use a shovel to get yourself in/out! It is your responsibility to be aware of the weather forecast so you know if you should cancel your plans or not. If you decide to cancel on Friday due to conditions, that is not reason for a refund! Your reservation meant someone else might not have come up! Check https://opensnow.com/location/sugarbowl/forecast for fairly local and accurate forecast.

    We are somewhat short of twin sized sheets. If  you want to bring your own and keep them in your locker, or take them back and forth, that would save water and assure there are enough to go around.

    Your Reservations manager and Co-Winter VP,


    ALSO!!! We are looking for members to be a part of the Board. Specifically, Summer VP and President, but we are forming committees to get work done! As a board member if you think you could be of assistance. This will go towards work hours!
    Feel free to join our next board meeting on December 13 at 7:30. You can Zoom!

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 893 8448 2522
    Passcode: 915471

    Preliminary agenda
    • Minutes
    • WinterVP report
    • membership report
    • Treasurer report
    • Finance report
    • Summer camp request
    • Other
  • Winter is coming! No, wait, it is here!!

    November 17, 2022

    Hi OSCers!
    Welcome to the 22-23 ski season. I will be handling reservations again this winter. Valerie will be Co- Winter VP, managing the building. Steve Root has joined us as well as another Co-Winter VP. He is acting as back up capacity. We will try to have at least one of us up each weekend.

    I want to encourage you to start making reservations! However, there are some guidelines!

    1. Please make reservations no more than 2 weeks before you want to come up, and for weekends, by Wednesday at 6 pm before you want to arrive. I will not accept early reservations. For Holidays, it is 3 weeks until 2 days before. I will send confirmation emails to those who are confirmed to come up for weekends. I encourage you to check the Reservations Calendar to see how many people are already reserved if you want to get an idea of how crowded it will be. (Weekday reservations are NOT confirmed – you can make last minute reservations UNLESS you want to stay for the weekend too).
    2. Only a Winter VP can confirm reservations. Do not ask Aaron if you can stay.
    3. PLEASE explore the OSC website. Most of these rules and guidelines are posted there.
    4. We are still not requiring you to share a room with a non-family member; as we have 10 rooms, that means less people are able to go up. HOWEVER, if you are willing to share a room (solo visitors – hello) please let me know. Put your comment in the comment section of the reservation form. This is a great time to check the Reservation Calendar and coordinate with a friend. You can also try to carpool!
    5. We encourage mask wearing when not eating/drinking/in your room. I got Covid after sitting in front of the fire maskless.
      We do require all who are able to be vaccinated. We trust that you will do this. Do not come up if you have symptoms or have been exposed. We don’t want to spread colds, the flu, nor Covid!
    6. Thanksgiving weekend is the anticipated opening of Sugar Bowl. Aaron, our caretaker, will start cooking that weekend. A few of us will be up on Thanksgiving day. If you want to eat with us, make your reservation and let us know!
    7. Norm will be plowing the road again this year. He has already begun!
    8. We will be having a lot of conversations about how to get more people involved with running the Club. We need a Summer VP as well as a President. We want more community. Please contact any Board Member with questions or comments about how to be more involved.
    9. Our next Board Member meeting will be December 13 at 7:30. We have been doing it on Zoom, and will have a link to join closer to the date. You can also email any Board Member to get it.

    See you up there!!
    Simone – Reservations Manager and CO-Winter VP

    Pictures are of Bob Pennell’s car after the recent 2 foot storm and of my kid Greta, Caretaker Aaron, David (Aaron’s dad), Sam Root, & Steve Root enjoying a meal after Steve and I did a food lift.

  • That’s a wrap!

    April 20, 2022

    Sugar Bowl is done for the season so that means the OSC is changing to summer rates. Some of you still need to pay for your winter visit, so we are leaving those rates up until those payments have been made.

    Aaron will not be stocking the food, nor cooking, so you are back to bringing up your own provisions.

    Reservations are still required, but won’t be confirmed. Please check to make sure it went through by looking for the auto-reply email and/or looking at the recent reservations tab http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/ .

    The summer is nearing so that means Summer Work parties will be planned. Stay tuned!

    We REALLY NEED members to step up and help manage this club!

    Currently seeking Summer VPs – this is a job for a good organizer – you don’t need to be great at handy-work/carpentry/fixing things (though that is great if you do). You would be in charge of organizing (perhaps with help!) the summer work parties. Please email me, Jakub, Valerie, or Bernhard if you are tentatively willing. We have people willing to help. Don’t be shy!

    We also would love a new co-WinterVP, President, and DESPERATELY, a social chair! Who wants more parties? YOU DO! Sign up to organize some parties!

    Remember, this club only exists by the efforts of our members volunteering to take the time to make it work.

    XOXO It was so great to be able to have a FULL winter of reservations!


  • May 17 – Final Day on the Hill at Sugarbowl with Tiki Pond Skim race

    April 17, 2022

    Rick and Valerie evaluating the Tiki Pond Skim race conditions and planning OSC next years team participation.

  • Last Meal of the 2021-2022 Winter Season

    April 17, 2022

    After 80 closed today and reopened and very cold and snowy conditions we enjoyed another great meal by Aaron.

  • Sleeping Bags Etc. – Donated after March 2022!

    March 8, 2022

    Dear OSC members,

    The pile of sleeping bags and other items that were located above the lockers and can now be found in the pantry room will be donated at the end of March 2022.

    Here are the pictures of the items pick items up before the end of March please: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14Qh1dvUSQgpzs9CgnrnJGdNSaCnNWR8Y?usp=sharing

    Descriptions and images:



    Some example items:

  • Avalanche Awareness Presentation

    February 9, 2022

    We had a very interesting presentation on Avalanche Awareness and what steps to take if you are interested in the backcountry yesterday by the Nicolay Dodov Foundation member Casey Glaubman. Here are some pictures of the presentation, thanks for joining!


  • OSC – Avalanche Awareness – Backcountry introduction details – Feb 8 at 8pm

    January 27, 2022


    This is a free webinar, please share the information with others who may be interested.

    Zoom Link:



    Winter VP

  • OSC – Avalanche Awareness – Backcountry introduction – Tue Feb 8 at 8pm

    January 23, 2022
    The OSC is excited to announce a program by Casey Glaubman on Avalanche Awareness on Feb 8, at 8pm on Zoom, login details to follow. Here a brief introduction:
    “Know Before You Go is a free avalanche awareness program. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains, no formulas to memorize. In 1 hour, you will see the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why they happen, and how you can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches. The presentation will include a brief introductory video followed by a slideshow presentation from NDF Avalanche Educator Casey Glaubman. Casey is the Executive Director for the Friends of the Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center, Lead Guide for Shasta Mountain Guides, occasional ski patroller, and of course an avalanche educator for the Nickolay Dodov Foundation.”
    I hope everyone who is interested in backcountry can join us!
    Winter VP
  • Be familiar with the OSC rules that are in place to ensure the smooth operation of the Club

    January 17, 2022
    Just a little update on the Reservation Calendar:
    I’ve XXed off a few rooms on Saturday – we see so many larger groups on Saturdays with families and kids coming up – we could easily top 30 people. With Covid and Omicron, that won’t be allowed. So I have topped it at 8 groups, unless they turn out to be smaller and we can keep numbers down. I am aiming at no more than 22 or so (it’s fluid).
    Also, if I say “No” to your last minute Saturday night reservation, that actually means no.
    The guidelines are here… http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/upski-downski-codes-2/
    Note: Reservations are MANDATORY– if you want to add days – make a reservation – if you need to leave early or cancel, fill out the change in reservation form. You do NOT need to email me for changes.
    ****Meal night/Saturday night reservations MUST be confirmed by the reservations manager or Winter VP. You can’t assume it is ok to stay, especially if you are past the Wednesday evening deadline. I might make exceptions, but you cannot assume it is possible.
    (In order to maintain sanity, I try to not sit at my computer all day everyday – this means I might not get your weekday reservation on the calendar right away. Assuming you got the automated kickback email after making a weeknight reservation, you are good to go. Feel free to email if you have any questions or want confirmation. Just know I might be taking a moment to smell the roses).
    ****Parents, I ask you to review the Guidelines as well – it is your responsibility to manage your children and ensure they are following the rules of the Club as well. Please assist them when it is meal times.
  • The road and parking update!

    January 10, 2022


    As of last weekend the road is in relatively good shape for mid-winter. As per usual, the road has some moderate ruts and due to warm temps, gets pretty squirrelly when warm. This will lead to icy spots, but they are currently spread out and not hard to deal with since the ice is rough and it is easy to get some traction on. 4WD or AWD should be more than enough.
    The road was widened by someone – Sugar Bowl perhaps? It is still not possible by any stretch of the imagination to pass another car while on the road, but it should be possible for one car to back out at this point. I still advise sending a scout ahead if you have a willing partner.
    Parking is abundant.

    Please remember that masks are REQUIRED while in the Lodge unless you are actively eating or drinking (or in your room). Sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea while in front of the fire/working on your laptop is not an excuse to not wear it. When you make a reservation, you are agreeing to wear a mask. Thank your for keeping the well being of your co-members and guests in mind! Our caretaker Aaron lives there and we don’t want him to catch Covid!

    We do have a good HEPA air purifier by the sign in – keep it going when more than one germ pod is there!

    Reminder also to bring a bag or trash or recycling home with you!

  • Mid-week road/parking update

    January 5, 2022

    Hi OSCers!

    I wanted to update on the road to the Lodge. There is access. The road is very narrow – maybe not as narrow as a few days ago. There is a turn out half way up to allow cars to try to pass each other. I recommend sending a scout – if you have one- down the road first to keep other drivers from coming up. Backing up would be challenging for sure. The road is pretty slushy and easy to slide around. Take it easy!
    We do have parking – probably spots for 8 cars. Alpineers has parking there – it isn’t actually for us to use, but we can turn around there.
    Word is, the walk down from Gondola is easy, packed, and doable. No official parking there, but a number of members have been able to get in and out successfully. You assume the risk.

    Make sure, as always when driving in the Sierra in winter time, that you pack for getting stuck in the snow. You should have a winter driving kit in your car that includes chains, food, water, warmth, and a shovel!

    And lastly, please read the club rules! Send your vaccine proof if you haven’t already. Come up and have fun!

    Here is the Covid waiver to fill out if you haven’t already done so.

    CV19-OSC-waiver-June-20 (1)

  • Norm plowed road today !! however still very limited access.

    January 1, 2022

    Norm has plowed the road. However, it is only as wide as his plow right as of 3pm today.

    Unlikely a car door could be opened and reversing would be difficult.

    Some parking cleared at the Alpineers.

  • Happy New Year from the lodge!!!! Updates on the road

    December 31, 2021

    The road is only plowed for about 25%! it is all hike in right now either from the gondola or from the start of the dirt road, still quite a long way.

    We have trash bags that urgently need to be hauled out so everyone please take that into account when coming to the lodge.


  • Road Not plowed yet today; Wed 2:30PM

    December 29, 2021
    Hello All!
    So far today, Wednesday, the road is not plowed. We aren’t sure that it will be even started today. It is more like 6 feet deep, not 4 feet. Anyone planning on going up should be prepared to find parking… there are no guarantees and to use HEAVY DUTY snowshoes or fat skis to maneuver over the deep, deep snow. From what I hear, it might be impossible/very difficult for a kid. Adults are struggling.
  • Tuesday 12/28- Road not yet plowed today 11:30am

    December 28, 2021
  • Monday +4ft of snow on the road; road not plowed yet today

    December 27, 2021

    No access to the lodge via the road, no plowing yet today Monday. We will update the access road plowing timing/situation.

    We do need everyone who gets to the lodge to help clearing snow.


  • Power back on this afternoon at the OSC, Hwy 80 still closed

    December 26, 2021

    Check these sites for Hwy 80 info:

    https://roads.dot.ca.gov  and  http://newtoreno.com/cal_i80.htm

    Power Outage Info: https://pgealerts.alerts.pge.com/outagecenter/?_ga=2.73842770.1742454751.1640577678-446637020.1640577678


    Aaron’s car for your reference

    Aaron’s car

  • 80 Closed, Power Outage at the Lodge

    December 26, 2021

    There has been no power in the lodge for over a day. We will update you when we here more from Aaron.

  • Road Plowed at 2pm today – and finding Powder w Aaron

    December 23, 2021

  • Summer VP vs Winter VP – At least 16 inches of heavy snow today

    December 23, 2021

  • Road plowed today at 10am and its raining now

    December 22, 2021
  • Taco Tuesday

    December 22, 2021

    Another great meal by our caretaker Aaron, thumbs up!

  • Booster Vaccination required in January 2022

    December 16, 2021

    Dear OSC members,

    Snow is finally here and we are off to a very busy start of the season at the OSC, with this upcoming weekend our very first official winter season weekend! Good to see members returning and new member joining us.
    The club president together with the members of the OSC COVID prevention team have decided that starting January 2022 a COVID booster vaccination is needed for everyone eligible for a booster (16 years and up). Please get your booster to be able to make a reservation at the lodge in January.
    Thank you in helping keeping the OSC open and safe.
    Winter VP
  • Road Cleared in early afternoon Today! 12/16/2021

    December 16, 2021

    Hi all,

    Road cleared today, we are waiting for clearance of the large parking lot. Will send update late tomorrow, bring snow chains!

    Winter VP

  • December 16, 2021

    It’s an exciting time! We have a ton of snow and Norm has been plowing the road. With these major storms, we can’t say just when it will happen, only that it should at some point! Normally, he makes has made it to our lodge some time in the morning. More storms are on the way. Plan ahead, bring chains, and be prepared to sit on I-80.

    The two weeks of winter break are filling up with reservations – though strangely, not much on the 24th or 25th. The 25th is historically not a busy day on the mountain!
    Remember, we are also requiring mask wearing while in common areas of the Lodge.

  • Skiing should be starting soon, make reservations!

    December 9, 2021

    Winter Season is here and snow looks as if it will arrive soon! Reservations are required for all visits to the OSC Donner Lodge.  Please reserve no more than

    2 weeks prior to a regular weekend visits,

    3 weeks prior to a Holiday visit and

    2 days prior to a midweek visit.

    Holiday and Weekend visits should be confirmed prior to payment.

    Midweek reservations will not be confirmed; payment should follow immediately.

    In order to ensure priority consideration as members, make your Winter Holiday reservations

    for Saturday, December 17th to Saturday, December 25th by Wednesday, December 15th and

    for Sunday, December 26th to Sunday, January 2nd by Wednesday, December 22nd.


    Also see:  Lodge guidelines 2021 22

  • Reservations for Winter 21-22

    November 9, 2021

    Hello Oakland Ski Clubbers!

    I am excited to get more emails with your reservations requests for the upcoming winter!  Many of you will recognize the rules as they are almost exactly what they used to be pre-pandemic. There are a few changes, however. Bear in mind that these rules are subject to change.

    • All visitors over the age of 12 need to be fully vaccinated to visit the Lodge. Please email reservations@oaklandskiclub.com a photo of your vaccine card as soon as you are able – you will only need to do this once. We still need Covid waivers from many of you, though if you have signed one, you don’t need to do it again. Masking will be required unless eating, drinking, or in your room.
    • I will be limiting the number of germ pods/families to 10 – which is the number of rooms we have available. We do not want to ask people to share a room with someone they are not comfortable with. That being said, if you are willing to share a room, please include that information in your reservation. It would be best for friends to coordinate and to mutually agree and notify that they are happy to share a room (it might also increase your likelihood of getting a room if it is a busy night!)
      • 10 rooms is not a lot and I expect that there will be people who request weekend nights who are denied a room. I will balance requests by a few factors, including: timeliness (1st come first served), how often you have been up – if you come every weekend, and someone else doesn’t seem to be able to request as often, I am going to try to get the less frequent visitor up there as well. I also anticipate I will balance the people there with families as well as singles. I want to be fair and get as many people up while maintaining a safe space in these trying times.
        • You will find who else has reserved by looking at the http://oaklandskiclub.com/members/recent-reservations/ page or by looking at the reservations calendar – both are found under the Members Only part of the website. Recent reservations doesn’t show changes or cancellations, but is generally up to date. The calendar is updated by myself, and may not be up to date.
    • Try to come up mid-week! I am not planning on confirming weekday reservation, though that could change if the numbers require it. Use that reservation calendar to help you plan. Last minute will probably work if there are not a lot of other guests up. I will add names as I am able, but I may be a day or 2 behind when life gets busy.
    • I will send out the confirmation emails for weekend visits on Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning. If you haven’t seen an email at that point, check the Calendar as that should be up-to-date at that time. The email will come. If you were bumped, I will work hard to ensure you get up the next time you request.
    • PLEASE reserve no more than 2 weeks ahead of the date you wish to arrive for regular weekends/days and no more than 3 weeks for the day you wish to arrive over Holiday periods – The 2 last two weeks of December can be challenging to schedule and the sooner I know who wishes to come, the better it is. I will not accept last minute reservations for busy times barring exceptional circumstances. That means you need to need to have reservations in by Wednesday at 6 for a weekend visit, and approximately 3 days before a holiday visit. This is necessary so that we can tell our caretaker how many people will be visiting and he can prepare the meals.
    • Make payments AFTER your reservation is confirmed. Midweek reservations can be made after making the reservation and before coming up.
    • Feel free to add notes such as food requirements in the note section as We Have A Caretaker!!! His name is Aaron. You can request rooms – I will try to accommodate – but no promises.

    I think these are the major points I would like to make. We are returning to a modified normal reservations policy. I hope it works and that we can allow more people to come up soon.

    Simone (your reservations manager/Winter VP)

    Comments or concerns can be addressed to myself, Valerie, or Bernhard. wintervp@oaklandskiclub.com,  president@oaklandskiclub.com,  reservations@oaklandskiclub.com

  • Above locker items in need of attention

    April 2, 2021

    Hello members,

    As some of you know the fire department asked us to remove all the items above the lockers in the hallways in the basement. This has left us with a large pile of items in the recreation room and we are trying to see how we can shrink the pile!

    If you recognize items and would need transport back to the bay area I can take them with me on Sunday this weekend. Please take a look at the description and photo (link).



    Please let me know if you recognize items and let me know;

    1. If I need to bring them back to the Bay Area (with a Berkeley stop)
    2. If we can donate them
    3. If we can trash them.

    Thank you for your help!


    Winter VP



  • Changes in number of pods; 3/21/2021

    March 24, 2021

    Hi all,

    Here a recent update for the Lodge occupancy:
    The Board approved the use to be 5 germ pods at a time – as long as at least one pod is entirely vaccinated. No more than 14 people.
    This means, you will likely be sharing a bathroom.


    Winter VP

  • Feb 2021 – Update on OSC operations under COVID

    February 3, 2021

    Hello Members, 

    New occupancy policy

    This week the board decided that we will be very slowly increasing capacity of the lodge. Since the recent two snowstorms and the lifting of some local travel restrictions we have been receiving more requests for the lodge and we will try and accommodate these by implementing some changes.

    We will be moving to allow 3 plus 1 pods with a max of 10 people. This means that two pods would have to agree on sharing a bathroom. A shared bathroom means that at no point in time are two people from different pods in a bathroom. Also please do not spend any time more than needed in the common spaces, spend time in your room, the Polar room or  the Rec room. 

    Some of the COVID rules 

    Please respect other members if you have a shared bathroom. Wear a mask when in there unless actively showering
    or brushing your teeth. Try to do as much in your room as is able. Definitely use the fans or even open the window for a moment so the air can circulate. Remember to use the door notice (available/vacant),  and knock before going in.

    You ALWAYS need to clean your room and bathroom and use disinfectant, but also choose another chore to help with the lodge upkeep. Snow removal is a shared responsibility for everyone.

    Check-out Check-in
    Vacate your rooms & lodge by 2 pm on the day you leave. If you arrive before 2, do not plan on hanging out in the lodge until 3 pm. We want there to be no more than 4 pods at a time there. You may leave your items in a small pile if needed, but do not plan on waiting in the main area. This means you have to do your clean up/pack up before you hit the slopes.

    Cancelling your reservation
    No matter what, please do not come if you don’t feel 100%. Please let Simone know immediately if your plans change at reservations@oaklandskiclub.com .

    Mask policy

    Properly fitting masks must be worn at ALL times in common areas of the Lodge. Make sure you familiarize yourself with our COVID procedures as stated on the OSC website. Please do not wear bandanas or neck gaiter but a real facemask covering mouth and nose. 

    Please all help in keeping the OSC safe for all member by respecting all the rules. If something is unclear please let me know, if you are uncomfortable with the rules please do not make a reservation. We may be able to accommodate single pods for 1 or 2 days, if you are interested please send an email to reservations@oaklandskiclub.com .

    If we see or hear of anyone not behaving according to the rules, we will ask that member to return to the lodge after all COVID rules are lifted. 

    Road Conditions

    The road is being plowed regularly however keep in mind you may need chains as the snowfall has covered the road in a good amount of snow recently. 


    Enjoy the snow!



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