President’s Note on Lodge Operations

Update on Lodge Operations

April 22, 2021

Sugar Bowl is now closed, our winter season has come to an end, and summer rates now apply for lodge stays. We are keeping our current Covid-19 occupancy limits for now but hope that they can be relaxed for the summer. This means not more than 5 germ-pods/families/members and a maximum of 14 persons at the lodge at any given time. You find more information on the reservation page.

In order for the club to effectively monitor how many and who is at the lodge, you are still required to make a reservation online. However, because the number of visits at this time of year are usually low, you don’t have to be confirmed. In the unlikely event that too many members have made reservations or that another problem may prevent you from staying, the person in charge of reservations (Please note: Simone will take a break at the end of April.) will contact you via email. It is important that you know how to open the building and how to secure the lodge when you leave as we do not have a caretaker at this time. If you have any questions, please contact the WinterVP, before April 30, or the summerVP thereafter. You may also contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you at a work party this summer,

Bernhard Ludewigt, President OSC

Update on OSC lodge operations 2/13/21

First, I’d like to thank our WinterVP, Valerie Vincent, and our reservation officer, Simone Spector, for organizing the lodge use so well under Covid-19 conditions. Handling the reservations this year is much more complicated than in a normal winter when only the weekends and holidays needed reservations.

In light of the State’s lifting of the Stay-at-Home order for the greater Sacramento area, the board reevaluated the lodge operations and decided to adjust the occupancy limits slightly: The maximum number of germ-pods/families/members staying at the lodge at a given night is in general 3 but if two parties explicitly agree to share a bathroom and take rooms on the same floor, a total of 4 germ-pods/families/members can stay. The maximum number of persons staying at the lodge is set at 10 (25% of capacity).

Please use our online reservation request system which has been reactivated. A reservation must be made for any night (weekend and mid-week) and it must be confirmed by our reservation officer before you go. On the reservation page you can and should now indicate if you are willing to share a bathroom/floor or not. Agreeing to share a bathroom will make it more likely that you will be able to stay.

With new snow at Tahoe and members getting vaccinated more requests for lodge stays are coming in. Please understand that it may not be possible to accommodate all reservation requests and someone may be bumped. Indicating flexible dates on your reservation note would be incredibly helpful. 2 night stays are most likely to be accommodated, but oftentimes, a longer request is feasible. Please note that the online reservation calendar is a way for Simone to keep track of the requests and for members to see who may be at the lodge but having your name on it does NOT mean that you have been confirmed (e.g., there may be 5 parties listed for a day so that 1 or 2 will need to be cut or more requests may be coming in later). Simone is sending out confirmation emails. We can all be grateful that Simone took this on and is juggling requests to accommodate members’ wishes as best as possible under the circumstances. Responding to the many requests and emails is very time consuming and the board will implement a simpler, less flexible and less accommodating reservation process if /when needed and requested by Simone.

Further changes to the lodge operations will be made as circumstances change or we learn more. Announcements of such changes and other lodge related information can be found in the WinterVP’s blog. Please check the WinterVP blog on our website for the latest updates.

Members have a wide range of opinions regarding responsible lodge use ranging from closing the lodge until Covid-19 is gone to higher occupancy limits than the board is allowing at this time. Please keep in mind that it is up to each individual member to decide if the risk of staying at the lodge and that of a skiing excursion is sufficiently low for them and justifiable; the board cannot make that decision for the members. Very importantly, everyone staying at the lodge must be responsible and comply with all our Covid-19 rules.

While Covid-19 will be around for at least the next few months, let’s hope that it will diminish over time and will soon be behind us.

Take care and have fun,

Bernhard Ludewigt, President OSC

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