Update on Lodge Operations and Work Parties

Covid-19 occupancy limits lifted and guests allowed. New: EV charging

June 22, 2021

Following the state’s reopening and revised CDC guidelines, the OSC Board decided to remove the Covid-19 lodge occupancy limits and to allow members to bring guests to the lodge. The following is still required:

    • Everyone must wear a mask indoors.
    • Online reservations must be made so that the SummerVP knows who’s up there and the calendar can be updated. However confirmations will not be sent out because the lodge is not much utilized in the summer.

This summer we will again have work parties like we used to have. I hope all of you will participate in one because it is not only important that the lodge maintenance gets done but also for members to get connected to the club. Work parties are an enjoyable combination of work, recreation in the afternoon, and socializing in the evening. Also, you don’t have to pay for the work party stay, just for the food. Please check our reservations calendar for the dates and sign up early via online reservations.

When you stay at the lodge, please

    • sign in everyone in your party,
    • to show which bedroom you are in.

EV charging: This summer the first members to come to the lodge in their EVs wondered about charging. The Board decided that it is ok to plug in at the lodge (regular outlet only) but you need to pay (you can make a special contribution to the club on our website) for the electricity based on the number of kWh used. We will post the cost per kWh and trust that the honor system will work fine.

Check out the great mountain biking, eg, directly from the lodge across the meadow in the hills of Royal George, hiking and Donner Lake.

Bernhard Ludewigt, President OSC

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