Reservation Requests – Summer 2021

OSC Lodge is open for reservations, on a limited basis. (Note: these policies and procedures are subject to change, based on government policies and Board decisions as experience dictates.) Summer rates are in effect.

    • Active Members and Life Members may make reservations during the summer.
    • These members may only invite as guests people who fit one of the following criteria:
      • Domestic partners and children (people who live in members’ homes)
      • Long-term intimate partners (at least 1 month)
      • Exceptions may be made if no one else has made reservations. Contact Simone, your Reservations Manager, to discuss.
    • Reservations may be made for up to a week.
    • Only 5 “germ pods” are allowed at a time.
    • No more than 13 people may visit at a time.


    1. Review the current Temporary Rules and Guidelines for Lodge Usage. Only request a reservation if you are willing to abide by the rules detailed there.
    2. View the Reservations Calendar to see how many members have already reserved during the time you intend to visit the Lodge, and who they are. The Membership Chair, SummerVP or someone designated will maintain the online reservation calendar. It may not be always up to date but will be a good overview of who may be at the lodge.
    3. If your reservation would not violate the rules stipulating only 5 “germ pods” at a time and the limit of 14 people visiting at a time, make a reservation using the form below.
    4. If you have not done so before, fill out a Liability Waiver for each adult in your group, including any children on one waiver. Return waiver(s) to (Vicki.)
      • A waiver must be on file before your reservation will be confirmed. 
      • This is not the general liability waiver you may have filled out in the past.
    5. There is no confirmation step during summer months, when the Lodge is lightly used, except for the work party weekends. In general, the SummerVP or designee will notify members if a reservation cannot be honored because the lodge is full or not available.
    6. Pay for your stay on the Reservation Payments page.




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