Reservations – Winter 2022/3

Winter rates are now in effect.

How to make a reservation:

    1. Choose a date (s)
    2. Fill in the reservations form
      1. Day-of reservations are fine for mid-week reservations (but we prefer more notice)
      2. 2 weeks until Wednesday at 6 pm for weekend reservations
      3. 3 weeks until 3 days before for Holiday reservations
    3. Press SUBMIT
    4. WAIT a minute
    5. Check your email used in the reservation form. Do you have an auto-generated reply? YES! Congratulations, you have successfully made a reservation! NO! Oh dear, try checking the Recent Reservations Tab in the Members Only section of the OSC website. EVERY successful reservation is posted on the Recent Reservations Tab.
    6. Is your reservation for a week-day? Yes! Proceed to payment.
    7. Is your Reservation for a Meal Night/Weekend/Holiday? then WAIT FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. You can expect to receive a confirmation email 2 to 3 days before you are due to arrive. That means Wednesday night or Thursday mornings for weekends.
    8. IF YOU DON’T get a confirmation email you may NOT go up! If you think this is in error, email reservations or winter VP and ask if there is a mistake. Do not wait until Friday or Saturday night to do this!
    9. Once you have received a Confirmation email, you shall pay for the visit.
    10. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the rules of the OSC and Lodge and YOU should be aware of weather conditions before coming up
    11. Do NOT show up with-out a reservation!

Check out the OSC VP Blog for current information, particularly before busy weekends or when conditions might make travel difficult.



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