The Oakland Ski Club asks that all persons wishing to visit the Lodge make a reservation. Winter rates are in effect. Please only make a reservation within 2 weeks of the date you wish to arrive. 

    • For weekends the cutoff for reservations is 6 pm on Wednesday. For the Winter Holiday it is 6 pm 3 days before you wish to come up.
    • Confirmations will be sent out on Wednesday evening for weekends or approximately 2 or 3 days before the Winter break arrival date.
    • Payment is due once you receive a confirmation. Please do NOT pay for weekends/holidays until confirmed; refunding payments costs the OSC in fees.

Member visits on Sunday through Thursday nights do not need a confirmation email. Please pay for your stay after making your reservation on the Reservation Payments page. The Winter VPs will keep an eye on these reservations and will email if it gets busy and rooms need to be assigned.

Once you make a reservation using the form below, look in your inbox for an auto-generated email saying that the reservation went through. This is not a confirmation; it just means your reservation was received. You can also check that it went through (and see who else has made reservations) by checking the Recent Reservations page in the Members section of the website.

Reservations will not be accepted if made too early (keeping track of early reservations becomes too burdensome). Last-minute weekend reservations are generally not accepted. Please email a Winter VP if you think you should have an exception.

We can usually accommodate every member who wishes to come up. This year we will again be sharing rooms to accommodate as many who want to visit as possible. If you make your reservation as soon as allowed, you will be almost certain to get a spot! The Wednesday evening before the weekend is the time when we finally can confirm what is going on. Please consider carpooling!

Prospective members should be patient as we figure out who your hosts will be.

If you need to change (add or subtract nights, add or subtract # of people) an existing reservation or wish to cancel a reservation please use If you wish to cancel dates and add new dates, just cancel and make an entirely new reservation.

Please see the Lodge Guidelines for rules for cancellation (do it before Wed 6 pm).

Please keep an eye out on the weather forecast and road conditions. We like the Sugar Bowl weather page and Caltans Road Information. Cancelling due to snow or road conditions shouldn’t happen last minute.




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